The New Veterans Gazette Podcast, Vcast and Blog Starts Monday 13May2019!

Our new blog, Podcast, and Vcast all starts 13May2019 with my trip across the country from Sea to Shining Sea. Went from Norfolk VA to San Diego CA and lots of places in between.

I made a trip this week to the VA Hospital in Phoenix and talked with staff members, Veterans and the community about the VA and how things were going there. Unfortunately the director was out of town but I was told that she would call me when she got back in town to answer some questions about the VA and some of the outstanding things they are doing and also about things they are still working to improve.

Next week I will have a complete post for you about the VA in Phoenix and views about how management feels they are doing and where they still need help.   Also we will see how their ideas of what they are doing compares to the feelings of the Veterans that they serve.

I will say that my first impression is that veterans are respected by the medical staff and the lower level staff at the VA. When I went in to have blood drawn for my doctor in Missouri I found much of the staff to be caring, respectful, friendly and extremely helpful.

Upper level staff was not very respectful or helpful. They could have been having a bad day but the public affairs officer who is retired Air Force veteran was very disrespectful and even asked me why the director would want to talk to me. I understand that the VA in Phoenix has had their problem in the past so they may be a bit touchy about talking with the media but then again I expect the fact that I am a 100% disabled veteran deserves at least a little respect from a veteran. I found the same lack of respect when I talked to the admin assistant for the Deputy Administrator. In my full post about the hospital next week I will let you know if that continues to the Hospital Administrators office.